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But that they complete, they must

"What are you currently thinking about? " Naama requested your ex, the say of satisfaction flowing more than her as he cupped an entire breasts within his or her hands in addition to caught the particular nipple snugly involving his or her primary a pair of fingertips.

"You're alright? " He or she requested. "I has been positive I had seen choice as part of your expression prior to My partner and i... but with all the screams My partner and i had not been positive... I merely wouldn't stop myself then... "

The girl exhaled within pain relief. At the conclusion, when the girl may see he has been doing work around a good climax in addition to trying not to possibly be callous within his or her remaining thrusts she would whispered to help your ex, "Don't wait, only let go, " in addition to for any simple subsequent he would ended his or her movements, browsing her face for your choice he would read within her style. Obviously he would discovered what exactly he was looking for mainly because he gradually, tortuously ripped outside of her practically entirely, in addition to his or her hardened stare hinted at the concepts to come. And then instantly he would remaining her system entirely in addition to prior to the girl believed the concepts occurring reprehended in to her together with almost all his or her strength.

Together with all his or her past thrusts the girl has been a number of he wouldn't you have to be potent, lb . more deeply in to her system still together with every single effective steady thrusts he performed. The girl performed shout next, the stunned shout at the discomfort of the firstly these types of then once more, loudly with all the remaining one when he rammed him or her self and so seriously in to her the girl believed her cervix somewhat compelled wide open, a fresh discomfort the girl had been instructed with regards to but additionally instructed almost never took place throughout the very first time. Although of which remaining shout acquired mirrored the discomfort of which remaining her breathless, the girl noticed later on as he put however put seriously within just her presently there had been satisfaction also. Intense satisfaction.

He or she seemed along at her next together with some be anxious within his or her eye nevertheless she would smiled way up at your ex. The girl blown the particular tresses from his or her brow in addition to responded, "You discovered choice, hoping possibly, however My partner and i failed to understand just how seriously you may enter in myself. Each and every time My partner and i thought that's the idea, the particular reduce, but the very next time... plus the moment after that... plus the moment after that... " The following they'd both jeered.

"Then you're not traumatized like and so many of the some other females are? " he would requested.

"Traumatized? Hang on, what exactly would you indicate? We've fully well prepared. My partner and i believed what exactly was going to take place, of which presently there would be discomfort involved nevertheless satisfaction also, when we provided our self over the discomfort that it must be your current determine to help lead to, we can possibly discover satisfaction inside... Absolutely no one of many inner courtyard is actually traumatized, " Naama has been perplexed more than Garrent's statement, browsing his or her eye for any clue concerning the place that the statement could have originate from. In the event that anything he would looked like a little ashamed.

"I learn it is not the best way among the females to speak about the particular wedding service, or even just about any encounters genuinely, " he begun. "But I suppose there may be a little more leniency among the behaviors of the kids. Oh we never identify labels or even anything like that, " he has been rapid to help interject, "some of the kids only talk about what exactly it turned out like, if they kept independently back, of which form of thing. "

"But that they complete, they must. It's not possibly some thing we're allowed to agree to help inside the long term contract drawn up at the end of the enticing wedding service. You can simply choose to agree when the time will come, at the end. " Naama continuing to go looking Garrent's face for any clue as to what he would read through the some other kids. To help her consternation he blushed in addition to seemed a bit guilt ridden. However what exactly for? She'd consented, acquired requested your ex to help...

"I learn. I know we're not likely to nevertheless, properly, it's some thing which is unnoticed. It's turned out to be some thing kids... " he looked like unstable just how to go on.

"Do? " the girl furnished, expecting the girl has been incorrect. Should the agree for the designed nothing next imagine if dozens of things the girl often considered as earned legal rights have been only a scam?

"brag with regards to, " Garrent complete steering clear of his or her eye.

"Brag. About. " Naama repetitive woodenly.

"It's turned out to be recognised of which to discover the best amount of electric power through the ClarentTtantric wedding service the particular youngster must get every one of the woman will give, properly its not all, definitely, My partner and i wouldn't only power you to definitely take action on your own forbidden checklist, " Garrents speech has been speeding up as he spoke. "But on this, given that there may be by now the particular discomfort of the primary dissect, it's thought by a few of the kids, properly, use many of the kids, of which making your pet impulse area, despite the fact that we're definitely not likely to except we're having a slave or even we turn into a consumer, or even receive choice naturally, it may not be a real different take action through the primary dissect, it's only an expansion inside the similar discomfort not only a different form of discomfort at a different take action so... " right here he viewed her a little anxiously like he would instructed the solution he shouldn't include shared.

"It's acceptable Garrent, an individual failed to power myself, My partner and i requested you to definitely, nevertheless are you currently expressing of which other people never lose time waiting for agree, that they only... power of which around the lady? " That wouldn't be like of which absolutely, Naama thought.

"Well, of course, " he said, looking gloomy.

"But absolutely, the particular Excessive Priestess won't learn, can't learn. She'd speak to the particular Excessive Clergyman in addition to put a stop to the idea... " Garrent has been trembling his or her mind.

"They tried using, the last Excessive Priestess and then your Excessive Priestess also, and much more vehemently that this previous. I believe the particular Excessive Clergyman acquired released a challenge to help kept thinking in addition to got adequate assist to put on the pitch to look at modifications to the Priscus Albanus around the make a difference. "

Your Piscus Albanus has been each of our concept of legislation governing everything from taxes to help who was allowed to possibly be conscripted to the armed service. A rather substantial portion of the idea not available to help just about any nevertheless those who acquired direct lead to, which often translated in to dozens of of the inner in addition to surface courtyards, just about any men that wanted to possibly be in addition to built request when they weren't given birth to right into a spouse and children of which instantly fortunate them in addition to just about any mother that given her child to the methods for the particular Priestesses of Tantra in addition to added her to be dedicated.

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The following day Tomas started college

Tomas returned towards chair along with sitting in silence in the family area associated with their host family members. He or she couldn't recall just what these young ladies ended up called, something management, but he or she couldn't your investment limited skirts, limited sweaters along with Jane Janes face.

Tomas was likewise quite inexperienced with young ladies. He'd several ex-girlfriends but hadn't carried out much with them. He or she missing their virginity the entire year previous to, however it had not been much exciting regarding either of them. Clumsy along with with a lack of enthusiasm, Tomas guaranteed to accomplish better next occasion.

Your Paulson's came back along with Tomas informed these girls emerged by. "Oh, this cheerleaders fundraiser, sure. " They obviously believed exactly about it.

The following day Tomas started college. He or she was commencing a couple weeks overdue, but was self-assured yet get up to date. He or she determined the primary day that U . s . young ladies, no less than many, believed he or she along with their accent ended up lovely. However he or she solely acquired face regarding Jane Britta. He'd the girl with their British lit class and may even seldom keep their face away from the girl.

Fortune smiled with Tomas, as soon as he or she observed that Jane Britta took How to speak spanish. He'd hoped to obtain help with British along with believed yet explain to Jane Britta they could buy and sell support. Her British regarding their How to speak spanish. He or she experimented with to discover the self-confidence as much as speak with the girl, however it was hard. The girl often acquired persons all around the girl along with he or she wanted to get the girl by yourself.

At lunch their prospect emerged, devoid of their effort. He or she sitting by yourself in a table, emotion difficult along with away from spot. Jane Britta saw them, along with decided to end up being helpful. The girl greeted from the back again, therefore he or she didn't discover the girl on its way. "Tomas? " The girl questioned.

He or she leaped amazingly a bit with astonish. "Hi. " He or she explained breathlessly. "Mary Britta, proper? "

"Yes yes its true. Do you wish to sit with me along with my own pals? You seem depressed more than the following alone. " The girl acquired an angels style he or she believed. The girl acquired with denim jeans plus a shirt that created the girl search best of all compared to the cheerleader ensemble. Tomas used the girl to a table where 4 young ladies along with a couple of folks ended up sitting conversing along with having a laugh along with consuming their lunch. Tomas modest talked about where he or she was through along with does their better to fit in. He or she actually liked it, due to the fact Jane Britta sitting over through them, smiling along with having a laugh on their humor along with humorous experiences. As lunch ended, he or she questioned Jane Britta if he or she may speak with the girl.

The girl was astonished, considering, "Is he or she likely to ask me personally out? " The girl hoped yet.

Tomas questioned the girl if the lady may provide them British support along with yet enable the girl utilize the girl How to speak spanish with them. He or she explained they could satisfy on the girl residence or even their residence and even in a coffee shop or even something. The girl explained that might be wonderful. He or she advised likely to coffee, along with the 1st night out was designed.

Wednesday after college Jane Britta acquired cheerleader process with prep regarding Feb 5th evenings ft . ball game. There after, the lady must move property for dinner but explained she'd satisfy them for their 1st training and then. At 6: 40 many people achieved on Starbucks.

They written with British along with How to speak spanish for the couple of time. It was obvious this became certainly not ones normal tutoring treatment. Tomas spoken associated with their family members, pals along with aspirations. Jane Britta took in, absolutely swallowed by them. The grin, their style along with the exotic spot where he or she resided created the girl definitely scorching regarding them.

"So, Tomas, have you got some sort of girlfriend back? Hanging around that you should keep coming back? " Jane Britta questioned, trying to appear everyday while sipping the girl mocha.

"Oh no. " He or she explained with How to speak spanish. "I haven't acquired some sort of girlfriend for most months. How about an individual. You might be therefore common along with quite, you'll want some sort of companion? " Tomas didn't appear everyday, but was balmy with their How to speak spanish terminology.

"I do not need some sort of companion right now. My partner and i broke up with my own very last companion above the summer time. " Jane Britta nevertheless about how she'd have never been able in order to sit along with talk with the girl very last companion. He or she was some sort of lump associated with dust when compared to Tomas.

"That is good. " Tomas explained hunting some sort of the girl. "If you possessed some sort of companion it becomes tough that you should meet with me personally. Men do not like giving their girls with other males. " Tomas written like he or she ended up an actual mature therefore was Jane Britta. The girl was eighteen therefore was he or she, but the lady didn't feel mature. However all of a sudden, the lady believed the lady was grown up along with ready to stay being a female rather than being a girl. The girl all of a sudden believed some sort of hurry associated with need that's very good. The girl REQUIRED Tomas.

Tomas went Jane Britta property, that was really close to their sponsors residence, along with offered the girl some sort of hug on the hands at the doorway. "I acquired an excellent time and will be waiting for next time we could satisfy. "

Jane Britta informed them how the sports sport was Feb 5th nights along with he or she is going. The girl explained they could discover each other soon after. Tomas decided along with journeyed on the inside. He or she questioned their bring in parents if he or she may show up at the overall game and see pals after. They explained guaranteed, but yet be anticipated for being property by night time and no ingesting.

Your sports sport was intriguing. The activity was simple sufficient that you follow, along with observing Jane Britta along with the girl cheerleader friends' hop all around was exhilarating. He or she have got to discover the girl jumping all around along with having fun, that was a lot chilly compared to the sport. Following it turned out more than, Jane Britta identified them along with explained we were holding likely to this garlic bread spot, where the children often go after this game titles. Tomas described along along with he or she along with Jane Britta spoke more. He or she got the girl hands while they ended up taking walks driving several children, along with the lady didn't distance themself. The girl blushed in the moonlight along with confidentially expected them to be more.

The primary calendar month associated with college was more than regarding Tomas, along with he'd absent out on their days with Jane Britta 5 times. Following the sports sport on the sixth Feb 5th he or she was right now there he or she questioned Jane Britta if she'd venture out to obtain something to eat with them, rather than likely to garlic bread with all the company. The girl decided plus they went along to an forever spot. Tomas explained he or she enjoys sports, but definitely solely goes to check out the girl. Jane Britta believed comfortable along with informed them he or she was creating exciting associated with the girl. However he or she insisted.

"You are generally like awesome in my experience. A thing beautiful along with foreign, due to the fact most of us do not need girls that you in my city. Your girls are generally like me personally. After all they may be richer and appear similar to me personally. They're beautiful, seeing that are extremely girls, nonetheless they are not beautiful that you are generally. " He or she gotten to over the table along with kept the girl hands. "We is going. I want in order to stroll to you along with My partner and i would love in order to hug an individual. "

Tomas paid out this bill along with he or she along with Jane Britta quit. They went to a park certainly not not even close the school along with sitting on a counter. Their particular 1st hug was tender along with special, along with although conditions was cold, the two the younger generation ended up really comfortable along with content. They solely kissed for a while until finally Tomas went Jane Britta property along with kissed the girl yet again previous to going property him or her self. They established to satisfy this day along with invest in a use a picnic. Or maybe if your conditions was far too wet, an outing a place exciting on the inside.

Jane Britta selected them in place plus they went along to the area Needle along with liked manufactured jointly. They kissed a whole lot that day, making it possible for more enthusiasm along with touching in order to enter this exciting. They identified sites in order to hug along with grin along with giggle along with talk throughout the day so that as it transformed through day in order to nights, many people did start to feel more rising arousal.

Tomas may feel the way Jane Britta needed them along with was shateringly conscious of the amount of he or she needed the girl. He or she simply essential to obtain the proper time along with the proper spot. Your good matter was that Jane Britta actually did it regarding them.

Thursday night a few weeks later on Jane Britta informed Tomas that the girl mama would definitely end up being away from city regarding 5 days, on a small business day at Los angeles. The girl was eighteen years old along with really accountable, therefore she'd end up being keeping yourself right now there by yourself. The girl explained the lady needed them to settle the night with the girl. He or she will have to uncover something to state in order to their host parents, so they really didn't be anxious.

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The Meadow

I stand at the balcony watching the morning sun peek behind the clouds. The creek below me is alive with sound and I watch the sun awaken it with glistening color. Every flash of the reflections fills me with contentment. The sound of the birds singing their songs allows my mind to wander and wonder. A rustle behind me lets me know that you are not a dream. I turn and look at you.

Your hair spilling over your face fills me with want, When I think of laying next to you I am filled with a desire that burns. Your quiet slumber is interrupted by deep sighs and I stand here wondering if your dreams are filled with yesterday.

It was just another day of arriving at our cabin for the weekend. We had both worked too many hours and were so looking forward to this long weekend alone. No phones or outside distractions. Just the two of us alone. We unloaded the car and put the food and clothes away. We put fresh sheets on our bed and I remember looking at you and kidding you about making it up as we both knew that it was going to be torn apart later. A light lunch followed filled with talk and laughter. I remember I was mesmerized by your eyes glistening with pleasure as they looked out the window. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze blowing and I could tell you wanted to be out in it. It didn't take us long to do the dishes and I still remember the kiss that was so filled with promise you gave me as we finished.

When I suggested that we go for a walk, I remember chuckling to myself as you found my hand and led me out the door. Closing the door behind me, I feel you pulling me towards the creek. The sun shines and glistens as the water tumbles over the rocks. The meadow in front of our cabin is filled with the aroma and beauty of the spring flowers. We walk hand in hand towards the sound. I still remember your kiss and your arm pulling me to you as we stop. Your tongue finding mine as we cleave together.

I pull you down and lay you on the soft spring blooms. Our embrace is broken and I look you deeply in your eyes. Your love washing over me. I softly mouth that I love you and clamp my mouth over yours. My tongue finds yours and our passion and desire is overwhelming. I am in need, but your need is greater. I wrap an arm around you and pull you towards me tightly as our kiss seems to last an eternity. I feel your hands playing over my back. Your leg sliding over mine and wrapping around my own as you pull me tighter to you.

My hand slides down your back and rubs against your cheeks. A soft moan fills our kiss as I feel your passion building. As I shift our bodies so you are on your back, I break our kiss and look you deep in your eyes. The need in them fires me and consumes me. My hand slides down your chest to your jeans and unbuttons them. I feel your hands pulling at my shirt and I stop and pull it over my head. Your shirt soon follows and I watch as the light breeze tightens your nipples. I look down at you and feel amazed that this beautiful woman could love me.

I let my hand trace the outline of each breast as I watch your face. Your eyes slightly closed as the sun radiates off your golden skin. Leaning down I kiss you lightly on the lips and with a flick of my tongue I kiss my way down your cheek and nuzzle at your neck. I take your ear lobe between my lips and give it a gentle pull, Letting go I whisper in your ear that I am going to be tasting every inch of you. My lips trail down your neck. My tongue flicking and playing ever so slowly. My hand cups your breast and I feel your hardened nipple against my palm as I give it a gentle squeeze. My searching mouth finds your breast and I slowly encircle your nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. My tongue flicking over and around it. I feel your hand on my neck pulling me tighter against you as your back arches slightly.

I let go of your breast and let my hand trail down the outline of your side. My hand slides inside of the hem of your panties and I feel the soft dew forming. I watch as your hands unzip your jeans and push them hurriedly down. My mouth lets go of your breast my lips pulling on your nipple. My hand slides down over your wetness and I feel your soft lips part slightly. My mouth lightly sucking and my tongue flicking over your soft skin snakes its way down your chest and over the curve of your tummy. My finger dips inside and I can feel the warm moisture inviting me in. I hear your moan as my mouth finds your nub and sucks gently. My tongue flits over it as my finger begins to massage each fold. I feel your hands on my head guiding me. Your sighs and moans telling me what you need when.

My hardness is straining inside my pants and when I feel that your orgasm is close I slow down my tongue and fingers letting your arousal plateau and hold you just on the edge. I stop completely and kneel between your legs. I grab your jeans and panties and pull them the rest of the way off.

I watch as you sit up and kiss me deeply and your hands unzip my jeans. Your hand reaches inside and pulls my cock out. It strains against your hand. You break our kiss and bend forward engulfing me completely. I let out a low groan of pleasure as your work your mouth up and down with your tongue swirling around the crown. My God...I am so close to cumming I scream and I pull my cock out of your mouth and turn your around.

With you on your hands and knees I grab the base of my cock and slide it slowly between your thighs and run the head over your engorged clit till I hear you tell to please just fuck you. Not being able to hold back I position the tip of my cock between your soft lips and just slide the tip inside. You warmth draws me in deeper and I bury myself completely feeling the walls of your moistness surround me. I listen to your low moan as I grab your hips and begin thrusting with increased fervor. With each back stroke I see your juices glistening in the sun off the shaft of my cock. I let my hands massage the roundness of your ass and give you a small slap on your cheek. I feel you wanting more and I rub the sting. Slap! once more my hand finds your pink flesh. Your moans increase, spurring me on. I feel my orgasm approaching fast. Your tightness is so amazing. I slow down and lean over you my hand reaches under you and begins to rub back and forth over your clit. Your moans fill my ears and I know you are close. I increase my tempo trying to match your movements so we orgasm together. I feel you grind back against me as your breath starts coming in short gasps. I feel your pussy begin to spasm and I listen to a deep guttural groan come from you .

I can't take it anymore and I feel my orgasm begin deep inside me traveling through my loins until my cock twitches and bathes you in my hot white juices. My back arches and with each twitch more of my juices enter you. Our mixed juices spilling over and making our thighs slick with our shared passion. Collapsing together still locked together. holding each other until our breathing begins to return to normal. I tell you how much I love you.....

I turn around and take a sip of my coffee letting you dream and rest. I think of our afternoon together and how my love for you consumes me. The sun is a little higher now and is flashing off of the distant mountains. I hear a sigh, and turn, thinking you are awake and caught my thoughts.

You slumber on.

There is a smile that you wear when you sleep that is a pure joy to me. Your body outlined by the blankets draws me to you. I wonder if this is a dream or did I finally find what I am looking for.

The answer is so simple...


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Office Sex

We backed toward my desk. She unbuttoned my shirt and I stuck one hand up underneath her dress, stroking the folds of her pussy gently. Alora rarely wore panties and today was no exception. She was incredibly wet. I felt her spread her legs so I obligingly inserted two fingers into her dripping sex, making her moan with pleasure and melt against my bare chest as I pumped her slowly. My fingers searched deep inside her. I curved them hard against her pussy walls and she gasped as I hit her g-spot. Soon she was grinding herself against my fingers and working her way to a giant orgasm. I kept fingering her, harder and harder, eventually putting three fingers inside her pussy and ramming her g-spot in just the way I knew she liked it, pumping her hand until she clenched against me and bit back a scream of sexual joy.

Moments later, she shimmied off my fingers and beckoned to me to sit down in my office chair behind my desk. I dropped my pants and briefs and sat down, stroking my 9” cock gently, expecting her to sit on my dick. She didn’t. I watched her walk around the front of my desk. She dropped to her knees and crawled underneath it. I couldn’t believe my wife was about to make my fantasy of an at-work, under-the-desk BJ a reality, but that’s exactly what she was doing. I felt her tug at my desk chair to roll me closer to the desk. I couldn’t even see her, only feel her soft hands stroking my legs.

I felt her tongue flick the sensitive tip of my cock. Damn, she was good. She licked it from the base to the tip, still invisible underneath my desk. I sat back and groaned in ecstasy as she licked me all over. She sucked gently at each ball, taking them into her mouth and working them carefully with her tongue.

Finally, when she knew I wanted it more than anything, she took my cock all the way into her mouth and began to deep-throat me. She impaled her mouth on my dick with each stroke. Her perfect little lips felt wet and soft against my cock as she mouth-fucked me, giving the perfect combination of friction and suppleness. I reached under the desk and grabbed her head, pushing my cock deeper into her throat as she sucked hungrily.

When I felt like I was getting close to coming in her mouth, I pulled back and stood up. My wife came out from under the desk. She knew what was next. She worked the dress down, exposing her bare, round breasts, and stood there rubbing her nipples and waiting for me as I cleared off my desk hastily, spilling papers and the portfolio and files and receipts into a confused paper tangle on the floor. My dripping cock stuck straight in front of me. I was still wearing my crisp white dress shirt; Alora had on the tall stripper shoes and the metallic dress, which she’d now hiked up so both her breasts and the tip of her shaved mound were exposed.

As soon as I’d cleared us a space, Alora sat down on my huge executive desk. She’d been a cheerleader in college and could still do the splits, so when she spread her legs, the heels of her shoes pointed to opposite walls and I could see actually into her hot, wet pussy. I grabbed a thigh with each hand and paused a moment to admire the picture of my wife ready and waiting on my desk.

Then I positioned my dick at her entrance and started pushing the thick head inside of her. She raised her arms above her head and moaned. I leaned over, pushing myself another inch or so into her, and licked one generous 36D breast. I began sucking her tits while I gradually stuck my dick into her pulsing cunt. She writhed in anticipation. I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard, but I liked making her wait a bit.

Eventually I’d pushed myself about six inches inside of her. I used one hand to hold her wrists over her head and flicked her clit with the other, sending her into spasms of pleasure.

Once I’d amused myself with her tits and shallow fucked her for a while, I too needed to fuck her good and hard. I kept her wrists pinioned and curled my other hand against her shoulder for leverage. She grinned at me. My naughty little wife loves getting fucked, and the office environment was making both of us hot as hell.

I grabbed her shoulder and cranked my cock deep into her pussy. My cock head pressed against the back of her walls. We both closed our eyes and succumbed to pure pleasure. I thrust in and out of her, gaining speed, making sure each stroke reached the absolute back of her and burying myself balls-deep in her sweet snatch.

My wife’s breasts bounced up and down as I fucked her. The desk squeaked and started moving backward as my strokes became ever deeper and harder. I forced her legs wider apart and moved both hands to her shoulders, pumping into her as I felt my orgasm approaching. Alora’s perfect body felt both firm and yielding underneath me. She was a slave to my dick, pierced by its girth and length. We were both panting and moaning gently and I could sense she was on the verge of a giant orgasm, too.

We came together as I gave one last hard thrust, hitting her g-spot and sending us into paradise at the same time. I felt my dick spurt inside of her. We held there and enjoyed the hot cum filling her pussy and surrounding my cock. When I finally pulled out, she put one finger inside herself and brought it to her lips to taste my cum.

When we’d recovered, we climbed off the desk and straightened ourselves in silence. She fixed her dress and retrieved her coat before helping me pile the miscellaneous papers back on my desk, making sure to put the portfolio on top. It was 5:15. I wrapped my arms around my wife and kissed her. Stopping in the doorway, she said slyly, “Good luck with your meeting. Hope I helped you relax a bit.”

“Thanks. I’m certainly more relaxed… See you at home.”

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Southern Drawl

I met Janelle at a restaurant one evening when I was in the mood for a good old steak and potatoes meal. She sat at the table across from me. We both had tables that looked out over the lake. I was certain that she was at least ten years younger than me. My good friend, Bill, was the owner of the restaurant. Several times he stopped by my table and chatted for a few moments. I knew Janelle listened in each time, even though our conversation was probably quite boring to her.

Finally our eyes met and I smiled and asked her if she had ever eaten here before. She had beautiful eyes and when she responded that she was just here for several months working with one of the local companies on their advertising effectiveness, I couldn't help but tell her that I wasn't trying to come on to her but I wanted to let her know that she had very beautiful eyes and the rest of her complimented them well. And, I joked that my wife would probably kill me if she knew I had told another woman such a thing.

Janelle asked where my wife was this evening and I told her that she was out on the coast in California visiting her sister for several weeks. Janelle thanked me for the comment and asked if I would like to join her since she was tired of looking out at the lake and not having anyone to talk to. I moved to her table and shortly Bill came around and grinned and jokingly mentioned that I knew how to pick the best looking gal in the house. I introduced Janelle and told him that we were just saving him a table so that he could crowd in a couple more money making customers. We joked around a bit and Bill went back to his kitchen.

Soon the waitress brought out our meals and informed us that the tab was on the owner so enjoy. Janelle noted that I must have a bit of influence with the owner and I noted that we have been friends for a long time. We finished our meals and as we were leaving Janelle asked me if I would mind sharing a couple of drinks with her before she headed back to her hotel. I agreed and we went to the bar. I ordered a Calvert and seven-up and Janelle ordered a draw beer. She told me that she was from Tennessee and I told her that I knew she was from the south due to her slight southern drawl, which I loved to listen to.

She smiled and said some people have told her they thought it was quite sexy. I grinned and said if she were ten years older she could talk sexy to me all night long. I felt aroused at the thought and just when I decided to change the subject Janelle told me that she would enjoy something like that and maybe we should just go to her room and have a nice long conversation. I agreed and soon she followed me in my car to her hotel. Janelle parked her car next to mine and we headed up to her room. As soon as we entered she shut the door and reached down and unzipped my pants and asked me if I would like some real 'southern' hospitality. I told her that just listening to her was enough to get me excited. Janelle reached down and fondled my cock which arose to the occasion quite quickly.

She stepped back after a couple of moments and began to undress herself as she talked in her southern drawl about how she wanted me to just listen and she would let me know what was on her mind. I was so excited to hear her say things like, "I want you to fondle my breasts and kiss my nipples". All I could do was just follow along enjoying every moment. Janelle told me to use my mouth to pull down her panties and to stop and enjoy myself along the way. I knelt before her and started to pull her panties lower and lower to reveal her partially shaven blond pubic hair. She told me to lick her hair and as she leaned back onto the bed she spread her legs until they were straight across. I leanded in and started to lick her thighs and along her nice tight looking pussy.

After a few moments of this, I began to lick her pussy lips along one side and then the other. Then I slipped my tongue inside and began to lick and suck fast, then slow until I knew she was about to cum. I kept licking faster and harder and thrilled at listening to Janelle moan ad she kept saying things like, oh yeah, lick me, suck me, more, more, etc. Soon she was thrusting her pussy at my watering mouth as she shouted that she was cumming. I just kept licking and sucking as I felt her body shudder and push at my tongue. I began to ease off and thrilled to hear her tell me she wanted more sucking and fucking all night long.

Her legs were still spread wide open as she leaned back and I stood up and leaned forward at the waist as I started to push my erect cock into her pussy. I leaned back and could see my cock just enter into her tight wet pussy and watched as it slipped deeper and deeper inside her. Soon I was pushing in and out faster and faster as I could feel and hear my balls slap onto her anal opening. The more I fucked Janelle, the faster and harder I stroked inside of her and soon I was moaning and she knew I was about to cum and as she moaned and panted she commanded me to cum deep inside her pussy then pull out and cum all over her mound. Listening to her talk made me so excited that it was only seconds later I started to cum inside of her and as I pulled out I could see my cum spurt out into her pussy and onto her blonde hair. I came more than I had ever before. It seemed to keep spurting out as it splashed onto her blonde mound and drip onto her pussy and down across her anal opening. I seemed to be able to stay quite erect during this time and watched with excitement as my cock pushed my cum across her hair, along her pussy and down to her asshole.

Janelle reached down and rubbed her fingers into my cum and slid her fingers along it picking some of it up and she started to rub it onto her breasts and into her mouth. I gazed into her beautiful eyes as she smiled and turned over and leaned face down onto the bed and again spread her legs straight out as she somehow pushed her ass upward and revealed her tight, cum soaked anal opening and pussy lips. I held my cock with one hand and reached around her leg and pulled her body toward my very erect cock. It seemed to be larger than it had ever been. I pushed the head of my cock slightly into her anal opening and felt the tight resistance it offered at first. As I held it tight I pushed it deeper into her ass. She moaned and again in that wonderful southern drawl commanded me to fuck her in the ass, harder and harder, faster and faster.

Janelle somehow managed to reach up underneath her pussy and rub it as she slipped her fingers around my cock and then back to her pussy as she rubbed her clit in a circular motion and in and out of it. She started to thrust her ass back onto my pulsing stiff cock and I could see her whole body rock back and forth as she pushed against my cock each time I pounded it in and out of her tight ass. Soon she was telling me to cum deep inside her ass and it was only seconds and I couldn't stop it from spurting out deep inside her ass. I my cock felt so tender now that it shook each time it slowly pulled a bit more out of her ass. I could see it slowly pulling out until the head was showing as my cum oozed out onto her hand below as she rubbed it all over and inside her pussy.

I ready to collapse as I pulled my cock all the way out and rested it on top of her ass and watched it slowly seep out a bit more cum. I didn't think I had that much cum inside of me. Janelle turned pulled her legs together and turned around and sat up on the edge of the bed and leaned forward and slipped her mouth around my shrinking cock. She licked it and sucked it as if to pull every last bit of cum out of it. She stood up and grabbed my hand and told me to follow her into the shower. As we walked to the shower, she was still rubbing my cum along her pussy hair and onto her breasts.

We washed each other as we fondled one another's body and kissed. I kissed her hard on the mouth and kissed her breasts. Before I knew it Janelle lifted her right leg straight up and I again rubbed her pussy. She commanded me to kneel down as she began to rub her pussy and she pulled my head forward so that I could watch her begin to rub her own clit and pussy lips. It didn't take long for me to get another erection as I enjoyed the close-up view of her fingers rubbing her pussy as she started to moan. Soon she pulled up on my head and I stood up and inserted my stiff cock inside her pussy.

She rubbed shampoo conditioner onto her blonde mound as I watched it lather and drip onto her pussy and my cock. I fucked her pussy harder and harder as she spread the white conditioner onto her breasts and along her tummy to her pussy. Soon Janelle reached down and pulled my cock out and put her leg down and she sat on the seat edge inside the shower stall and started to suck my cock. She stroked it with her hands and I watched with excitement as it slipped all the way into her mouth and throat and out again. She would pull it part way out and suck real hard on it and soon she was stroking it so fast that I could feel it about to explode again. I began to breathe hard and moan and she just kept sucking harder and harder. Soon I could feel my cum push through my cock into her mouth. Janelle just kept sucking it so hard as it finally spurted into her mouth. I could feel her swallow as she kept licking and sucking my cock. Finally she pulled it slightly out and stroked it as the last of my cum spurted into her mouth.

We washed up again and Janelle informed me that when we got back in bed that I had better have my tongue ready to satisfy her clit and pussy lips. But first she turned me around facing away from the bed as she shoved me down and spread my legs as she knelt down and started to suck my balls and lick my ass. Her tongue seemed to have magical powers as she held my swelling cock with her right hand. While she still licked my balls and ass she firmly grasped my cock with her hand and pulled it out tight stretching it as far as it would go. It seemed like she had been stretching my cock for a long time when she finally let loose and started to stroke it gently. Next she got into the bed and pushed me back as she turned around and started to suck my cock as she lowered her pussy onto my face and waiting tongue and lips.

We sucked and licked each other until, again I felt myself cumming. Janelle backed off and I held on as she rubbed my thighs with her face and licked along them with her tongue. I sucked at her clit and rolled my tongue along and around it until she started to shake and finally had an orgasm as I opened my mouth and sucked her pussy and licked it while she moaned and again was sucking my cock until it exploded up into her mouth. She let my cum drip back out of her mouth onto my cock and balls. I could feel its wetness as I licked her pussy and could feel her shiver and push it hard onto my face as I kept licking her. Finally we laid back and Janelle told me we should take a breather as she turned on the t.v. and clicked the remote until she found a porn channel. As we watched we reached down and I caressed her pussy and she slowly stroked my cock. I kissed her breasts and we kissed each other lightly and then passionately and before I knew it I was stiff and ready for more.



5 Aralık 2013 Perşembe

Slutting It Up

I suppose I never expected us to meet up, I had participated in this msn sport for far too long to believe a word anyone said but sure enough Mr X was true to his word about meeting me and we arranged a weekend away in a halfway destination between North and South, in a hotel of dubious class and in a grubby city. I was hoping the grubbiness and the dubious was going to follow us into the hotel room that was adorned with pink flowered wallpaper, cheap double fornica wardrobe, a matching dressing table and a chaise lounge that looked as if it had been stolen from the five star hotel across road and looked decidedly out of place. I dropped my bags and threw myself on the bed that was neatly made which also sported a thin quilted 1970's throwover in lilac. I had always wanted to feel like a princess for the day and comforted myself with the knowledge that if someone placed a pea under the mattress I would be able to feel it no problem. I had arrived early and contemplated what I was going to do as I waited for Mr X to arrive. I toyed with two options a) to nip out and get in enough crates of beer to create our very own beer festival or b) stay in the room, get ready and wait for him to come to the hotel room. I leaped up off the bed and pulled the net curtain back, it was hot and sunny and I didn't relish battling with the crowds, plus lugging heavy crates of beer back wasn't very ladylike so I decided to opt for the latter, my stomach churned with excitement and anticipation, a heady mixture.

The knock on the door came shortly after 3pm, Mr X was remarkably prompt. I stood up, checked my reflection in the mirror before opening the door and letting him in. He dropped his bags and looked at me, a smirk played around his lip as he took in my outfit and he knew that we were to fulfil one of the fantasies we had discussed on the net, no talking, no preliminaries, just straight down to fucking. I walked over to him and put my arms around his shoulders and felt his hands moved down my back, his fingers catching against the tiny eyelets of the black satin corset I was wearing which was pulled in tight at the front causing my tits to heave over the top and pressed against his chest, his hands reached my ass and he slipped his fingers beneath the suspender straps that rested there, he pulled them back and let them go before pinging them. I pushed my groin into his and kissed his lips gently before he suddenly took hold of the back of my head and grazed his teeth against my plump lips before darting his tongue into my mouth with an urgency that took my breath away and caused a stirring in my pussy that I knew was going to make me wet with desire. Mr X moved his mouth down to my neck whilst his hands moved away from my ass and his fingers slid into the side of my satin knickers that were now damp and as his fingers reached up and caressed my clit, the thumb of his other hand caressed against my freshly shaved pussy that was as smooth as the knickers I was wearing. His teeth bit into my neck causing me to shiver.

The decadence of being touched and teased by a relative stranger without a word passing our lips was intoxicating and incredibly horny as his fingers entered me he curled them and found my g sport with ease, the situation, the expertise with which he played with me brought me to an intense orgasm within minutes and with the orgasm came the gushing, the juices flowing out of me and splashing my fishnet clad legs, in turn soaking the crotch of Mr X's jeans. He grabbed my hips and pulled me roughly to him so I could feel the hardness of his cock in his pants and my desire for him to just bend me over and fuck me hard was so strong but I had to repay his kindness and instead I began to unbutton his jeans before kneeling and pulling them down, his cock was straining to spring out of his boxers and I relieved it from its misery and took it out the tip was glistening with the pre cum I love to taste and I was also glad I had kept another side of our many fantasies alive, I was wearing red lipstick so Mr X could see how far I could take his cock into my mouth. I put his cock in my mouth and encircled the tip of his cock with my tongue before moving down, licking each side of his cock with a hardened tongue so he could feel before it before slowly, I started to wank him, my other hand rolled his balls. I began to wank him faster whilst simultaneously sucking him and felt the familiar throbbing that proved that what I was doing was just right. Mr X also decided to keep in line with our fantasies and he grabbed my hair, his voice thick with horniness 'Suck it like a dirty slut.' The first words he had uttered to me since he had walked in the room, I put my mouth around his cock and waited for a split second before he tightened his hold on my hair and pulled my head down roughly on his cock, the tip hit the back of my throat causing me to gag and make my eyes water and inside a deep thrill raced through me as I heard him groaning as my head was yanked over and over again onto his cock, before he ordered me to wank him, harder and faster. I took his cock in both of my hands and started to wank him hard, spitting on the end of his cock to add lubrication, he continued to pull my hair and call me a dirty slut, repeating how he was going to fuck me hard and fast before pulling me up by my hair motioning for me to stop wanking him.

He dragged me over to the dressing table, pulling me to face him before smearing my red lipstick across my face with one hand before spitting in my face, turning me round and bending me over, I could see him in the dressing room mirror, as he rubbed his cock against my clit, slowly inserting just the tip into me teasing me before taking it out and rubbing it from pussy up to my arse where he paused before ramming his cock into me so hard the pain was unbearable and unbearably horny, he could see how much he was hurting me and turning me on at the same time in the mirror and carried on relentless, ignoring my half hearted please for him to stop, just as I was taking the pain he promptly withdrew and pulled me round to continue with my sucking, we were watching each others reactions all the time in the mirror.

Knelt down, I inserted my fingers into my pussy and started to play until the familiar waves overcame me and the gushing started again, one hand was busy with my pussy the other was busy wanking and my mouth was sucking his cock, again I felt it begin to pulse, sure that his orgasm was imminent before he interrupted it again and pulled me up, this time he threw me onto the bed and knelt between my legs pulling them up in front of him to rest on his shoulders to determine deep penetration and he fucked me, hard and fast, the position was perfect and the gushing started again, splashing our legs, soaking through his balls and I knew he would love the sensation of the warm water before the cool air chilled it adding to the horny sensations he would be experiencing already, the gushing by fucking blew his mind as he pulled me harder to him as he reached orgasm, pulled out his cock and came all over my tits and my face, I licked the cum from my tits as he knelt back and rested, a horny satisfied smile dancing across his lips, his eyes twinkling with sex.

'Nice to meet you Nichola.'

-Gushing Milf


12 Kasım 2013 Salı

My Rendezvous With A Married Man

It was a two hour drive up north to the cabin, It was a cold, brisk evening in January, the kind of night that when you walk on the snow it squeaks under your boots. I love those kind of nights. I knew there would be a warm fireplace for me when I got there, and a warm body to cuddle up to. He was a handsome man, in his late 50's, six foot tall, 180 pounds. He had blue eyes and the most infectious smile, that you couldn't help but feel attracted to him right away.
I met him online, in one of those adult dating web sites. We chatted for several months before I decided it was time to meet him in person. He lived downstate about three hours away from me, but he didn't mind the drive, as he had to come this way when he went up north to his cabin on the lake. It was his get-a-way place, away from his job and his wife, who worked and never had time for sex any more he said. He worked in the city as a stock broker.

It started out with us exchanging pictures and talking through our web cams. I loved looking at him. He made me laugh and I made him laugh. Our friendship grew into a very heated, lustful kind of relationship that most people wouldn't understand unless they've been in that kind of situation before. You can fall in love online, even without the physical touching. It's an emotional thing that is in your head, but isn't that what sex and love are also? You have to have some kind of emotional bond with someone to feel anything first before you want to have sex with anyone. At least for me it works that way..

Our first meeting was casual. I met him at a coffee shop, where we had a private table in the corner where no one could hear us. He was waiting in his car where we had planned. I pulled up next to him. He got out right away and opened the car door for me. As I stood up, he gave me the biggest hug and kissed me right there in the parking lot. God, it felt so good and he kissed just perfect. I love a good kisser and I knew he would be good in bed the moment I felt that kiss. I felt an instant rush of heat travel down my body and settle all around my groin area. I felt like I wanted to fuck this man right there and then....But we are adults so we went inside and sat down at that little corner table. We had a light lunch and sat there for what seemed like hours. I felt so comfortable with him.

He had to get going, as he was on his way to his cabin that day. We made plans to meet two weeks later at that cabin, since he would be all alone. I was on my way there right now.

I pulled into the drive. What a beautiful area! No one around. All woods. A beautifully built place. All log cabin with a two-car garage. The garage door opened as I drove in, which meant that I was to park inside. There he was, waiting. He had his robe on. He looked so handsome as he grabbed me and drew me close to him and kissed me, then we went inside where this huge fireplace filled one whole wall and the ceilings were high with skylights. The fireplace was glowing invitingly and he pulled me to him again and I finally let my long fur coat open and to his amazement, I had nothing on underneath but my black lace thong underwear and black lace bra to match my thigh high black boots, which I had already taken off at the door.

"Wow, baby!! You are so beautiful and hot!! What a nice surprise this is!!"! "I thought you'd like this honey," I said. We hugged and kissed. He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears and whispered how much he adored me. I let the fur coat fall to the floor. Our kisses got so passionate and hot, our tongues intertwining, flicking lightly into each other's mouths. I let my tongue slowly go around his lips and then back into his waiting mouth. He slowly unhooked my bra and it fell to the floor as he bent over to suck on my ample tits, one at a time, while the other hand was reaching down into my panties, feeling my hot wet pussy. He let one finger slide inside. God, that felt so good! He slid my panties down my legs, bending over and lingering to give me a kiss and a flick of his tongue before standing back up, sending a shudder all through my body. His robe fell to the floor. And his beautiful cock was standing at attention with a glistening drop of cum on the tip. I bent down to lick it off and gently give him a kiss there. He let out a soft moan. He smelled and tasted so good. He picked me up and laid me gently down onto this huge white bear rug in front of the fireplace.. This was always my fantasy, to be with a man on a bear rug in front of a fireplace. I knew he had gone out and purchased this rug just for me. He wanted this to be perfect. (He knew all about all my secret fantasies from our months of conversations)

The kisses were long, soft, deep and sensual, that made me warm all over, our tongues feeling each other. I kissed his whole face. Running my tongue around his ear and into it, tickling him, then down his neck, kissing and taking in the smell of this man. I worked my way down his chest to one nipple, nipping on it lightly, then to the other, teasing them. I slid down his belly, tasting every inch of him with my tongue along the way. Down, down I went, teasing him. He wants me to get there faster but I won't. I like to tease my men . I love to hear them moan, knowing I'm making them feel so good. My tongue finally reaches the tip of his hard, throbbing cock. I flick my tongue around the head then down the front till I reach his balls and lick one of them at a time while rolling the other one gently in my hand. I lick my way back to the head that is dripping now with pre cum and I lick and suck it off, running my tongue all around that beautiful head again before my lips wrap around it and I suck it into my hot, wet mouth, taking it deep into my throat as far as I can while my tongue wraps around it and I suck at the same time, always moving my tongue while sucking.He groans and writhes and lifts his hips wanting me to take it all. I love sucking on a man's cock. It makes me real hot and horny. I suck and lick him and tease him for what seems like an hour, while my hands are playing with his balls and one finger is playing around the entrance to his ass. I can tell it's driving him crazy. He's got a hold of my hair, pulling it gently and gliding his fingers through it.. We've been waiting so long for this moment. I feel as if I belong here with him. I feel so comfortable.

"Turn around baby, I want to suck on your pussy while you are sucking on me." I slowly turn my body around, never letting go of his cock..till my ass is facing him and my pussy is within his reach. He flicks his tongue all around my outer lips to tease me .My pussy is dripping with anticipation now, wanting that tongue inside me and him sucking on it... I almost forget to keep sucking on him, it feels so good....Then he has his tongue on my clit just for a second. The big tease. He's as bad as I am. He continues to roam around the outer area, and then all of a sudden he has it all into his mouth, kissing it and sucking me gently, with his tongue moving in and out. God!! I knew he would be good at this, just by the way he kissed me.....I can hardly hold back my first orgasm. I can tell he's ready to explode also, but we keep sucking and kissing each other till we can't hold it any longer, so I slowly let loose of that hard, throbbing cock before it explodes into my mouth, although I love that too. But I wanted it all. I wanted to feel all of him and have that cock deep inside of me. I've been waiting too long for this moment.

I move away from his face and turn myself around and slowly kiss his cock and lick it some more before I crawl up his belly, leaving a wet trail behind from my oh so wet pussy .I knew he wanted to put his cock into me right away but I continued kissing up his belly till I reach his nipples again and give them each a little bite. He groans even louder. I reach his lips and we kiss so passionately, so hot, our tongues going in and out, tasting our own bodily fluids on each others lips.We are breathing into each other's mouths. We can't get enough.I reach down between my legs where his throbbing cock is and guide it into my hot, wet, waiting pussy. Oh God!!! I'm in heaven. It felt sooo good. I slowly sit up right onto it, letting it go as deep as I could. I twist slowly and move up and down on it. I lean over and let my huge tits fall on his chest while I kiss him and fuck him, grinding and moving my hips up and down in rhythm with his. Oh ! Why did I let myself go so long without sex?? I am never going to do that again. I want as much as I can get.We are breathing into each other's mouths as we kiss and tongue each other. I have to stop moving for a few seconds to let my pussy have those wonderful orgasms that I love when I fuck a man this way..... He is holding off real good and enjoying every moment. I love a man that can hold out for as long as I want him to. Oh God!! Is this love or lust?? I can't tell at this moment. It always feels like love at the time. But I can't let myself fall in love with this man. He's married.He will never be totally mine. I knew that coming into this .I just want to enjoy this moment in time.

I slowly sit back up and slide off his hard cock. I want more oral. So I slither up his chest till my real wet pussy is within his tongue's reach. He eagerly licks all around and then darts his tongue as far into it as he can.. He is real good at oral. "Sit right up here baby, " he says, as I get right up onto his face, holding onto the nearby chair that is sitting just beyond the rug. The fire feels so good coming from the fireplace, the flames dancing and making our sweaty bodies glow. I don't want this to end. He is kissing my pussy so nice and flicking my clit just the way I like it. It feels so good that I have to explode with a tremendous orgasm. He sucks in my juices, moaning and I know he's really enjoying this. I have to get off. It tickles so much now. So sensitive after I cum like that..

I slide back down till his cock is right there at the entrance to my pussy and I sit on it again and just ride him. I lie down on him, fucking him and kissing him. We are lost in ourselves, enjoying the time we have, for we know it will end all too fast. "Let me get on top now," he says, so without missing a stroke, we hang on to each other and he flips me around till I'm under him now. I love a man lying right on top of me like this. Now it's his turn to be in control. He fucks me slowly at first and it feels so good. Our pace is perfect as we get going, my hips rising up to meet his, his balls are slapping my ass now, as he's building up to his climax. He lays on me and kisses me as he continues to fuck me. I am about ready to have another orgasm but I'm waiting till I know he's ready and then I feel his body tense and he's getting ready to cum.He lets out a growl as only men can do when they are cumming inside a woman. I explode with him. It's wonderful. I can't breathe and we are kissing and breathing in each other's breath and we both start laughing. God, this feels so good. I don't want it to end. 'Baby," he says, "This was the greatest sex I've ever had!" 'God, you are good!" We laid there on that bear rug, exhausted, our hearts beating together as one, till we calmed down and felt the calmness over taking us. We laid there in each other's arms, tired, happy, worn out, and loving the feeling it gave to both of us. He kisses me so gently and whispers in my ear, " I love you baby."

If only it were real. Damn, I hate waking up....